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Practice Guidance

Do you have issues staying current with tax laws, regulatory deadlines, etc? Do you need guidance on bookkeeping integration to become more efficient? Which financial reports are most essential to help determine your practice’s financial health? Are you utilizing monthly, quarterly, annual, year-over-year reports vs forecasts to see if you are on the right track? We can help.

Investment Management

Our investment advice is tailored… as unique as you and your practice. We work together to determine your objectives, needs, goals and concerns. Then, together we develop a strategy that enables continuous and focused investment advice. We customize a portfolio specifically for you, and monitor your portfolio’s performance on an ongoing basis; making adjustments as required by changes in market conditions and in your financial circumstances.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning doesn’t have to be complicated, but on your journey to financial success, it is essential to have a road map. We utilize technology, and partner with experts to help you succeed. Check out how we’re different. Hint: no detailed cash flows, estimates on your tax, income, returns will be during the next 20 years. Complexity and ridiculous forecasts don’t increase likelihood of your plan’s success. Our clients can expect a financial plan to address needs, wants AND wishes. Bottom line: you will know whether or not you will have enough money at retirement to cover each. Learn about our financial planning philosophy.

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Why traditional financial planning is completely wrong

More data does NOT make your plan more certain or accurate Traditional financial planning utilizes a capital needs analysis where advisors create detailed cash flow based on laundry list of assumptions (including income, expenses, taxes) […]

Deadlines and Contribution Limits for 2017 Tax Year

What are the Deadlines to make Contributions for 2018 to IRAs and QRPs? Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and Education Savings Accounts – Must be established and funded by April 17, 2018, for tax year 2017. […]

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