What will it cost me?

Abundance Financial Planning understands the importance of transparency, so we want to make sure our pricing structure is clearly stated and easy to understand. As an investor, it is essential to understand the costs and fees associated with your accounts.

We offers two service models to meet your unique needs. The best way to determine which is best for you, is a free, no obligation, 30 minute phone/video call. During the call, we will assess your current financial situation, discuss your concerns and determine the areas you are seeking help. At the completion of the call, we will both have a better understanding of which of our models fits you best.

Option A:


($750-$1500 upfront, $99-$199/month, depending on complexity)

This service is for individuals seeking a financial advisor on a regular basis to assist with comprehensive financial planning needs. With this service we help clients develop, implement, and revise their financial plan on an on-going basis in order to help them reach their financial goals. Here is a list of the steps included in this model:

  • Discovery Meeting (90 minutes)- This initial conversation allows us to gather facts we need to evaluate how significant our advice may be. It also allows you to better understand our firm, and ensure that our approach to Wealth Management is the right fit for your current situation. Both client and advisor must feel confident that the relationship will be mutually beneficial.
  • Investment Plan Meeting (60min.)- During this meeting we will present a detailed investment plan that describes your individual needs and risk tolerances, and provides benchmarks for tracking progress toward your goals.
  • Mutual Commitment Meeting (60min.)- This meeting is an opportunity to address any questions or concerns regarding the investment plan prior to implementation. Once all concerns have been answered, we will begin executing the account documents. Due to the emotional nature of investing, we will revisit the topic of behavioral finance as well as your financial goals.
  • 45-day Follow Up Meeting (60min.)- Because of the amount of paperwork generated when money is transferred and multiple accounts are involved, it is quite easy for clients to become overwhelmed in the weeks following the implementation of the investment plan. This meeting allows us to help you understand and organize the financial paperwork.
  • Quarterly Progress Meetings (60min.)- These meetings, occurring every 90 days, will be devoted to reviewing your progress toward meeting your goals. At the first Regular Progress Meeting, we will present the wealth management plan to you. The plan will contain recommendations for addressing financial challenges beyond investments. With your approval, we will then begin to implement the plan, focusing first on the action items of highest priority.

INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT (.65% – .95%) Investment management service is only available to those who are utilizing our on-going comprehensive financial planning service. With this service we assist clients by means of investing their money in alignment with their goals and values in addition to everything outlined in the service model above. Our management fee ranges from .65% – .95% depending on your portfolio.

Option B:



If you are not quite ready to make the ongoing commitment, but have pressing financial concerns… this is a great option. This model includes the following:

  • A 60 to 90 minute video call
  • An in-depth discussion of your most crucial financial concerns (i.e. cash management, debt reduction, cash flow analysis, establishing or reviewing current retirement plan, etc.)
  • Follow up with detailed recommendations, and an action plan
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